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Let’s be real for a second; from the outside, you’ve basically been rocking it. You’re exceptional at what you do, you have an upward career trajectory, and you’re out there doing amazing things in the world.

Now, you could just happy dance all the way to the bank, but…

On the inside, you’re still not quite where you want to be.

You have big GIGANTIC goals and an amazing vision for the future. If you just weren’t feeling so overwhelmed, had a little more time or perhaps the confidence to step into your leadership power, you could seriously make a HUGE impact.

The problem is: you’ve hit your limit. You want to feel confident, have more energy to focus on work that is meaningful to you, and find your personal path to success, but that feels totally stressful when there’s already so much on your plate. You barely have time to fully bake your vision (or take a shower), let alone make it happen.

Don’t worry. I got you.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Lyman, leadership and success coach who’s all about helping women in tech step into their power so they can execute BIG visions without all the stress and struggle. I’m here to offer my 12+ years of People and Talent experience — helping Silicon Valley startups scale — to your aspirations. Become an inspirational, confident leader who’s found fulfillment at work and direction in life.

Let’s solidify your vision and empower you to lead in a way that rocks your purpose and doesn’t take over your life!